Technology in welding of helmets 

By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: May 24, 2017

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Is there any niche that technology has left out? Even in welding of helmets, there is a difference from the old ways. Welding is metalwork. Initially, it used to be an old way of burning a sharp metal or subjecting the metal to high temperatures to weaken the molecules and allow it to bend according to your designed shape to make the designs. Helmets are protective gear, manufacturers use technology to design different types of helmets to suit the prevailing weather condition and the purpose of a helmet. There is a difference in a helmet for the nature walk and a helmet for biking and further helmets for firefighters. It all depends on the shape and the design.

The old helmets, which covered the entire head, is becoming extinct. Although, bikers are advised to still use it to ensure there are minimal head injuries in case of a fall or an accident. They have one disadvantage, in the case of summer or warm temperature it has less ability to absorb sweat increasing friction and making a ride very uncomfortable. In the case of cold weather, it keeps you warm and the glass protector on the eyes prevents dust from getting into the eyes.

The type of material has also changed, thanks to technology. It has helped in the innovation of lighter materials, which are easier and less bulky on the wearer. They are also made of hard plastic material immune to extreme heat and pressure that is why even when there is an accident the head is safe. There is no way you can the material breaks on impact.

The shape of the helmets is a clear indicator of the milestones in technology. Initially, there were few programming tools to design different shapes to suit diverse needs of helmets. Currently, with enhanced technology, programmers design various programs that are the input of the industrial machines to allow production of mass helmets of different design and colors. Never forget customization of the helmets. You have a motorcycle event, to add value and glamor to the function you need to be customized merchandise. This is simple with enhanced technology, key in the logo or the content of the program such that when the helmet is finally produced, it brings out the mission, vision and the logo of the event for easier and faster communication.

Without technology, the African market will not have the helmets since they are importers. However, technology has enhanced industrialization which has helped in the mass production of the helmets for the global market. In addition, the inroads in infrastructural development enhance transport and communication. You have ordered the helmets and even paid the shipping costs, at the comfort of your home, you can track the helmets and further communicate and make online payment of the goods without any worry. Without technology, probably there could be many accidents since you could expose the head without protection which will increase the mortality rate of helmet users, in short, it’s for your protection. Right from the producers to the consumers, technology has made work easier and enhanced milestones in development.

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