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We are a blog site designed to check the current web technology in different parts of the continent. We appreciate and understand the different levels of technology, even among the superpowers. We are the informers of modern technology in the web technology market.

5G Technologies

The speed of cellular networks is determined by the inbuilt technology of the phones and support from the service providers5G technology runs on 20GBPS and 10GBPS for downloads and uploads.  It opens more doors for a better customer service experience.

Internet of Behaviours (IoB)

The use of data networks to determine human behaviors is the simple definition of IoB technology. A good example is a digital tool to keep in check people following government protocols to the latter.


The integration of security, business development, and security operations fall under this technology.

It upscaled the speed of development and managed the adoption of various systems in line with system operations irrespective of the business or employee’s location.

Intelligent Process Automation

The reduction of repeat tasks by humans instead is replaced by robots promotes automation of services.

Artificial intelligence is the newest technology in the industry-based market to enhance the fast delivery of service and movement of goods within an organization. IN the service industry, it promotes machine learning innovation that aid in the if-this-then-that concept.


The change that purely uses online platforms for service is prone to cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. That is detrimental to the company. Therefore a cybersecurity protocol is a new technology that protects the data and personal information of various organizations.

It monitors, detects, and quarantines any suspicious data that may cause harm to the security of the organization’s systems.

Artificial intelligence

Reducing human involvement by using machines that mimic human actions is the new technology in offering fashionable solutions. They face problems and provide solutions in a programmable pattern for model-based algorithms.

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