How to Find Software Tutorials for Any Microsoft Tool?

By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: October 13, 2016

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microsoftUsually, we can’t avoid encountering problems while using Microsoft tools. Despite efforts of developing them to be near-perfect, there are still issues and bugs users encounter on a daily basis. If you’re looking for reliable Microsoft tutorials, the Internet is your best friend.


If you prefer visual and audio resources, YouTube is one of the most common places to find for tutorials for any Microsoft tool. YouTube doesn’t just showcase amazing talents from all over the world, people getting into funny accidents, funny vines and fails, but it’s also a great medium to educate yourself. Just use the search box on the very top to look for a Microsoft Tutorial.

Channels on YouTube provide tutorials for beginners, experienced and even professionals. Usually, the tutorials are shown through the screen itself, showing the process, instead of showing the speaker him/herself. You can also see if that particular tutorial video is reliable enough through the likes/dislikes system and the comment section below the videos.

What better place is there online than to approach the developers of the Microsoft tools themselves? is a Microsoft community which allows their users to discuss, ask and answer questions regarding Microsoft products.

While getting answers from its knowledgeable community members, you’ll also meet known experts in consumer software along the way. Basically, help and advice will come from a variety of different sources, customers, community professionals or Microsoft experts. As soon as someone answers your question, you’ll be notified through e-mail.

For over 10 years, has already helped millions of Microsoft users around the world. It offers more than a hundred tutorials, including thousands of lessons, videos and interactives that are completely free.

Their classroom is available 25 hours a day and serve visitors and readers all over the world. If you need some help with your Microsoft Word program, you can visit their website.

Thanks to its donors, tutoring materials on can be accessed and downloaded for free. You can even share them to others who need help configuring one of the many tools of Microsoft.

This website focuses on helping 3rd-4th grade level students, for an easier understanding on how to use Microsoft products. The materials on this website are currently used by various K-12 school systems, higher education institutions, home schoolers, charity organizations, senior facilities and many more.

They’ve also provided an organized table of contents so you can easily browse topics and reading materials. The table of contents include not only tutorials of the latest Microsoft Products, but also those developed long way back (users who are still using old versions), such as Microsoft 2007 Office and even Microsoft Word XP.


Most of blogs providing Microsoft tool tutorials are owned by users of Microsoft Tool. Therefore, you are ensured that the information and techniques they provide are reliable and working. Basically, the materials are based on their experiences as users of Microsoft Products.

There are a lot of them available online. Some of them may appear on the first pages of your google search. Although, beware of tutorials that require you to download something from their blog. It could contain a virus that would harm your computer.

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