How Technology Shapes Various Costume Designs in the Entertainment Industry

By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: June 5, 2020

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What would our world look like without technology? That thought would take you back to the Stone Age. Not sure you want to go back to that time.

No matter your choice, all over the world, technology is changing everything. From domestic activities like grilling to body therapy, its influence is tremendous. The entertainment industry has also benefitted immensely from it.

There’s no show without costumes. The impact of technology on one of the essential parts of entertainment – costume making – is slowly becoming the new normal. We have been blown away by the fantastic and intelligent costume designs we see in some movies and cosplays.

The use of LED lights, foams, and any other materials have taken costume making to another level. There are many eye-catching phenomenal costumes out there.

Let’s take a look at how technology plays a part in costume making.

The Use of Technology in Costume Design

Laser Cutting

This thermal process melts materials by using a directed laser beam. It’s clean, accurate, and without fraying. Unique and fashionable costumes are by-products of this fantastic technology.

It’s a thrilling cut that lies between cutting materials like lace and screen printing. Useful fabrics are carefully cut, bent, and folded to look like origami. The design produces a grandiose 3D effect on the wearer. It creates an elegant and highly innovative costume for enriching entertainment.

3D Printing

With 3D printing, you can design almost anything. Your only limitations are your thoughts. This growing technology has produced shoes, dresses, and different costumes. Insightful leaders like Iris Herpen and Francis Bitoni continue to lead 3D printing in the fashion industry.

Popular movies like Man of Steel used costumes made from 3D printing to depict its assigned characters. Patterns of choice are printed into fabrics to create graceful and admirable designs. An example is the leaf patterns printed into a transparent florid shaped fabric by Iris Van Herpen.

This design also used laser cutting to achieve its bespoke look. The use of 3D in fashion is still not prevalent. This method of printing 3-dimensional objects has taken costume making to a world of further possibilities.

Intelligence Costumes

It’s one of the most ingenious designs that technology has made. It keeps getting incredible with time. These costumes can serve any purpose that suits the occasion. It’s one of the original parts of costume design. It defines an outfit made to have spectacular effects with several materials that are uncommon.

Such designs might have a technological device that makes part of his materials to react to some stimuli. Sensors are a possible part of the making. The costume can detect an upcoming object or person. Features that make objects attached to the custom to move or fly away is part of the design.

Different intelligence costumes incredibly designed to fit into its purpose exist today. One of them is the dress designed by Ezra+Tuba. The suit, adorned with almost 40 butterflies, makes the butterflies move at the sight of a person. It can respond to stimuli and react to external forces.


The intelligent machines that serve humans (robots) are also designed to worn by humans. The entertainment industry uses robotics as costumes. They give viewers an imposing impression and a feeling of awe with the use of LED lights, movable machines as body parts, and an imputed voice, among other features.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has some intriguing robotic costumes made by Michael Kaplan. The aesthetical use of textiles, together with technology, produced the incredible costumes in the movie. The outfit of the original Stormtroopers was an effective use of robotics depicting vitality and comfort.

The Evolution of Costumes

Nothing is stagnant in the different sectors of the world we live in, including the entertainment industry. The needle and thread, sewing machine of the 15th century, is not the same as now. The costumes have been improved upon over time by technology.

Costumes are not only worn from the neck to the feet. Therefore, we can attach costumes to the body, the fabric, and the hands. Like Harry Potter’s wand, a cosplayer or entertainer can have something to carry or hold.

In the same vein, crossbows are inventions equally used for various purposes. With the rise of technology, crossbows have metamorphosed from the simple medieval weapon for shooting. Now, there is more speed, beauty, and energy in the design.

Many movie fans across the world love to wear their fandom for one occasion or the other. Getting the best crossbow for the money should be attainable with the various options there are. Whether it’s a black Toy Crossbow or Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow, there are varieties of them that would suit your taste. They can add the finishing touch to your costumes.

The entertainment industry has seen the use of different types of crossbows in movies and plays. In the film, ‘The Walking Dead,’ another example of technology in costume making is seen. Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), with his crossbow costume, portrays his character defiantly.

Technology is changing the face of the entertainment industry. Its influence in costumes has allowed the wearer to be thoroughly impressive. Costumes are not limited to a particular idea, especially with the advent of technology.

Every day, in movies and cosplays, technology keeps shaping the costumes worn. It brings entertainment alive with phenomenal innovations that leave an unmatched impression on people. Whether you want a fashionable and cool outfit or a powerful and terrific one, technology has provided you with tools to create your exact desires.

With technology, costumes conceived in the heart get its exact reproduction. The future would experience more awesome costumes from technology in the years to come.

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