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By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: April 1, 2017

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The photography industry embraces digital technology through the incorporation of camera software to enhance its usability. The software provides accessibility to images and videos from a computer or a mobile device. Some software is free of charge while others come at a cost, the difference lies in accessibility of advanced settings. Initially, digital cameras had a USB port, which once you connect to the computer a prompt window appears as a removable disc with options of view, send, store the images and play – for videos. This is now past tense with the introduction of camera software.

Some manufacturers attach the software with the camera package in a universal compact disk compatible with most computers’ disk drives and operating systems. Others opt to give instructions on their website for you to download and install on your computer. The latter is risky because it is prone to unauthorized access –hackers or viruses, which use these entry points to attack your computer. The paid versions of the software use activation key to unlock the features of the software before you can use them on the computer. GoPro as a renowned high-level camera brand adopts the technology although at a higher cost. What are other GoPro options?


The alternatives for this include cheaper cameras but with inbuilt applications and a USB functionality for accessibility to the computer without a compact disk with the software.

Most of the software for the camera is user-friendly for both novices and experts. In addition, they are compatible with most video and image file formats. Before you make a choice on the software, ensure you have the camera settings readily available and confirm with the software developers on compatibility to avoid disappointments.

Universal features of software ideal for a camera

  • They are same in size hence occupy a small disk space- a great function that does not affect the functionality of the computer or mobile device.
  • They are compatible with most computer and mobile phone operating systems.
  • They are easy to install or set up; in simple clicks you have the software with a startup window on final installation.
  • You do not require any third-party installations to access the advanced features of the software unless it is the paid version.
  • Most of the software are free in case you need to buy they are affordable.
  • Most manufacturers develop their own software toolkits to capitalize on monopoly.

Once you have software and an internal or external webcam on your computer, you do not have to manually operate your camera; instead, you can take snapshots and videos using your computer and store in your camera as a removable disk.


The camera application allows the use of the camera from your computer either through a USB disc or through wireless networks inbuilt in the camera and in line with the computer accessibility devices. In addition, it offers additional functions like edit, saves, view and deletes. Carry out a thorough research on the best software for your camera before you download or purchase if possible contact the manufacturer to guide you on the best option based on your camera series.






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