4 Revolutionary Software for Water Resources and Distribution

By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: July 24, 2020

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Every industry can use a bit of a revolution. The water industry isn’t an exception to this truth. This fact is because, over the years, access to water resources and distribution has generated lots of concern and complaints despite considerable investment made by governments.

More so, infrastructure problem continues to prevail, even with the construction of various water resources. We can blame this predicament on over-reliance on the available water infrastructure and decades of underfunding by government and organizations.

Hence, if we must meet our water needs adequately, it’s necessary to have a change of approach that encourages an efficient and innovative way of sourcing and distributing water. This transition will allow the type of access every thirsty society deserves.

Does a revolutionary software for water resources and distribution now come to mind? This software plays different roles in ensuring there’s an economical and adequate water distribution in any community both for the present and future times. Thus, we’ve reviewed them to enable authorities, investors, non-governmental organizations, communities, and individuals to handle their water responsibility more competently.

1. InfoWater

InfoWater software is useful for broad municipal network design and analyzing water distribution systems. It is efficient for calibration, setup, water quality modeling, network scheduling, and maintenance tools. The program works extensively with Arc GIS.

There’s a Multi-Species Extension package that analyzes several coexisting impurities, transportation, and deposition of water elements, biological and chemical processes, and temperature gradients.

With InfoWater, you will be getting efficient, economical engineering remedies for setting up, planning, and operating your systems.

Irrespective of the complexity of your network, the program can model your system efficiently. You can also get an encompassing improvement in your water distribution modeling and management.

2. OpenFlow WaterGEMS

If you’re looking to find a comprehensive yet uncomplicated tool to help you decide on your water distribution networks, OpenFlow WaterGEMS might be right for you. The software helps you to comprehend how water infrastructure functions as a system, how it responds to operational techniques, and how it should evolve in response to population and demands.  

Furthermore, the program helps to fill the gaps in water distribution systems, and cleverly examines isolation valves. It also facilitates a superior design of tanks, pipes, and pumps to meet fire-flow and safety conditions. More so, it can help you determine the pipes that are due for repair or replacement in your piping system.

You can trust OpenFlows WaterGEMS for more favorable engineering decisions. With this software, you can formulate flushing blueprints through its diverse flushing programs.

Besides, OpenFlows WaterGEMS can eliminate water loss through leakage detection and conveniently supervise your water network to ensure efficiency.

3. KYPipe

This software is a technologically updated hydraulic modeling software-package that designs a water distribution system for both rural and urban settlements. The app offers complete design skills, pump optimization, pipe diameter, fire flow, and temperature variation. KYPipe works well with GIS and AutoCAD. The software also utilizes a calculation program called EPANET to analyze water quality.

KYPipe continued to witness development since its inception 40 years ago. It’s one of the reasons; it remains the go-to software for hydraulic modeling engine. It also analyzes low-pressure sewer systems, refined products, water, refrigerants, chemicals, petroleum, and lots more. The software is efficient at choosing and sizing many devices but not limited to, pipes, tanks, valves, and pumps. There are pump operation optimization features and calibration tools for efficient analysis on KYPipe.

Moreover, for water quality modeling, the software provides a direct connection to the EPANET program to carry out water quality simulations on various water network models. Therefore, it’s possible to gauge chlorine and other chemical concentrations. More so, due to the software link with EPANET, KYPipe can transport and use analysis from different sources using the EPANET information file format. Furthermore, the program helps to determine the water age.


EPANET is an analysis program that helps to evaluate your water distribution systems and their hydraulic integrity. Through this calculation program, engineers can develop efficient water networks and measure water quality and pressure throughout the system’s pipes, nodes, valves, and tanks.

EPANET can also help you decide the types of pipe and the correct diameters to adopt for your distribution. It also ensures that it informs you of the necessary modification your water network may be needing. You don’t have to consider where to install your valves, tanks, and pump personally as the software is efficient at deducing the right location for piping. You can also check your water chlorination through this program.

As a learner, you can make valuable decisions with the help of EPANET through its collection of tools and resources. EPANET also helps to exemplify the hydraulic network most skillfully and competently.

We should say that during water distribution, plumbing is susceptible to corrosion due to the existing minerals that might be present in the conveyance—thus resulting in hard water for consumers. Getting rid of these minerals become more complicated if a water softener is unavailable. We advise that you purchase the best water softener coupled with a whole house filtration system for quality water consumption.

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