10 Important Blogs Every Software Developer Should Be Reading

By: Raffie Yeneza

Date Published: July 6, 2016

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Whether you’re an expert in software developing, or if you’re still aspiring to become a great software developer, reading some software development blogs is one of the most common things you do every day.

As a software developer, you need to get the most reliable information to be able to learn properly. Here are some of the most significant software development blogs you can enjoy reading while brewing your morning coffee.

The Toptal Engineer Blog

With the blog’s consistent outstanding content quality and frequent publishing (articles posted every day or every other day), The Toptal Engineering Blog is our top recommendation for software developers like you.

From detailed tutorials and tops, extensive code snipes to introductions of the latest frameworks and technologies, and common programming mistakes, their range of articles is diverse.

Coding Horror

The brain behind the SE Question & Answer website, Coding Horror, Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of StackExchange. His sense of humor can be felt all throughout his blog. Each post on the website are easy to read and you will see a lot of discussions about the latest technological developments.

A List Apart

The A List Apart is a blog composed of articles, blogs and columns about a wide variety of software engineering topics, but also including design, business, user experience, and etc. A List Apart centralizes in certain web standards and ideal practices.

Signal vs. Noise

The blog posts on Signal vs. Noise provide unique and valuable insights about productivity hacks, methods to increase business efficiencies, and many more. The team behind the blog articles are responsible for the bestselling Rework and Remote, which ensure that the quality of the content is excellent.

StackExchange Blog

Another frequently updated blog, StackExchange Blog usually discuss developments to aspects on the website. It is where you can go to get your questions answers and bugs with fixes. What makes it unique from other blogs is the fact that they regularly use podcast discussions.


From the name itself, this blog is founded by Martin Fowler, a very experienced industry vet with Thoughtworks. Topics discussed on the site include micro-services, uninterrupted delivery, DSL, agile development, design, and etc. It also features Fowler’s famous blog/wiki hybrid that he designed called as Bliki.


Rather than focusing on programming lifestyle, news and technology introductions, CodeBetter’s objective is to improve the already outstanding programming talent of its visitors.

The blog includes detailed code examples, ideal practices, detailed methodology topics and modernized techniques.

Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen

Scott Hanselman, the founder of this blog, is a web developer on Microsoft’s Web Platform team. For 10 years, the blog has provided a lot of discussions and insights for its readers and listeners (podcasts).

Discussions and topics include tech culture, diversity in technology and predictions on how technology will improve.

Stevey’s Blog Rants

Looking for software development blog that has a great sense of humor? Then you should try Stevey’s Blog Rants. He hasn’t updated discussions on the website, but he did left some great commentaries and tips on the interviewing and hiring process. It also features rants on productivity and culture in the tech world.

The Berkun Blog

If you want something more technical, you should consider Scott Berkun’s The Berkun Blog. Although, it is still a significant and underrated reading resources for software developers and those who are still aspiring to be one.

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