Rowing Machine Technological Side

If you want to get fit and improve your health, it does not mean that that you should overwhelm yourself by hitting the pavement or lifting weights. You can effectively get fit with a rowing machine. There are plenty of workouts that you can regularly do on a rowing machine, which will maximize your physical fitness. In fact, rowing machine workouts can help you build and tone your muscles, increase your stamina, lose weight, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and improve your overall health. Furthermore, your back and joints will never get strained, which is great if you are an older fitness enthusiast.

Rowing is an excellent activity and sport to get a decent workout, but a rowing machine allows you to experience it right at home rather than over water. So, if you are wondering how exactly rowing machines work, below is a detailed overview.

What Is The Technology Behind Rowing Machines?

Manufacturers of modern day rowing machines incorporate some very advanced features into them, which include the following.

Comfortable Seating Position

The rowing machines of today are equipped with a ball-bearing comfort seat, so you will feel absolutely comfortable no matter how long your rowing workouts might be. Professionals claim that the seat of a rowing machine should be at least 50 centimeters high, which is the case with most modern day ones. This means that you will be able to get on and off the machine quite easily, and it will feel like you are rowing on the water.

Wide Base

Rowing machines available these days come with an extremely wide base, which makes them very stable. Another reason they are so secure and stable for users to sit over them for long periods of time is because the base is connected to the aluminum rail by a crossbar.

Ergonomic Handlebar

The manufacturers of today design their rowing machines to have perfectly ergonomic handlebars that will adjust the user’s hands. The handlebar is usually also made of a non-slip material, so you will be able to maintain your grip no matter how intense your workouts get.

Air & Magnetic Resistance

The whole reason you can get fit with a rowing machine is because of the resistance it offers. The rowing machines of today combine air and magnetic resistance, which generate fluid and smooth movement, ensuring that you may have optimal workouts. Working out over a rowing machine that offers both air and magnetic resistance will feel like you are actually rowing over the water. The harder and more speedily you will pull, the more intense the resistance will become.

Ergonomic Pedal Distance

The manufacturers of today also optimize the pedals of their rowing machines to have a distance of 9 centimeters between them, which is perfectly ergonomic. The reason that the distance between the pedals is so specific and why it is ergonomic is because it the same as in professional rowing boats, and that value is optimal. Often, the width of the pedals can even be adjusted to accommodate different shoes sizes.

Aluminum Rail & Lengthy Strap

The aluminum rail that modern day rowing machines are equipped with tend to be up to 146 centimeters long and the included strap tends to be up to 225 centimeters long. Rowing machines also have a suit body and these days, its size can range between 1.50 meters and 2 meters. Therefore, it will not matter how big or small, or how young or old you are, the machine will prove to be quite flexible to use.


One of the best things about rowing machines is that it will work out your entire body. To perform a rowing stroke completely, you will have to move both your lower and upper body. You will get the optimal aerobic or cardiovascular workout when you use a rowing machine and it is all because of the above technological aspects highlighted above.

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