Software that runs the tankless water heater

There is no denying that tankless water heaters are excellent appliances. Manufacturers of tankless water heaters claim that their heaters provide a specific number of gallons per minute (GPM). However, that claim only applies to the best case situation and the level of performance that can be expected from a tankless water heater can actually vary. This is because there are three different factors that influence the sizing of a tankless water heater.

Those three factors are:

= The temperature of groundwater, which is the water that enters the tankless water heater,

= The desired temperature of the water that exists a tankless water heat, and,

= The rate of hot water flow that is required, which will depend on the faucets and shower heads.

Until recently, tankless water heaters had to be manually sized for commercial and residential installations. However, Rheem Water Heating revolutionized the entire sizing process by introducing the very first computer software specifically designed to automate the sizing of tankless water heaters. This new software application for tankless water heaters is called EZ-Spec because it is actually based on CertiSpec, the software that has been widely used for the Rheem-Ruud commercial water heaters.

If you decide to use the EZ-Spec software application, you will find it quite easy. It contains multiple drop-down menus and you will find all of the fields easy-to-understand. In one of the drop-down menus, there will be multiple applications for you to choose from and you may select the desired one. These include apartment/townhome, health club, hotel, laundromat, school, single-family home, etc.

You will also have to enter other appropriate sizing data, such as:

= The number of hot-water fixtures in your home,

= The type of fuel you will be using,

= Your desired flow rates, and,

= Your desired input and output water temperatures.

Depending on a commercial or residential tankless water heater that is installed, the EZ-Spec tankless water heater will incorporate a specific flow rate, which will ensure accuracy.

Once you enter the relevant input into the software application, it will even recommend which Rheem tankless water heater will be most ideal for your desired application, if you do not already have one installed. It will even recommend accessories that will prove to be useful for the installation. Even a summary report can be generated through this software application, which can be emailed and/or printed.

Rheem and Ruud have 100 years of experience when it comes to water heater sizing and that experience was utilized when the EZ-Spec software was being developed. Therefore, this software application will cover a wide range of applications. As mentioned, this tankless water heater sizing software application was developed to be accurate, easy to use and speedy. However, electronic numbers-crunching is not the only thing this software application does. Rheem and Ruud are highly knowledgeable in real-world applications, which enabled them to ensure the accuracy of their calculations.

Keep in mind that accurate tankless water heater sizing is important for effectively warming the water up. So, it would be worthwhile to use the EZ-Spec program for this purpose. The software application can be downloaded from the “Products” menu at the Rheem Water Heaters website.